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tvseries15June 7, 2019
In a future where the elite inhabit an island paradise far from the crowded slums, you get one chance to join the 3% saved from squalor.
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There's plenty to recommend this low-budget, futuristic Portuguese- Brazilian 8-episode SciFi teleseries. It has a gripping plot, the characters have plenty of magnetism and the situation of poverty versus privilege will ring true with many. It's about a futuristic, real-life competition designed to choose the optimum 3% of new adults, who deem their skills sufficient to "pass" a truly grueling selection process. Successful candidates are rewarded with a life in a man-made paradise "Offshore", whereas the rest are doomed to continue living "Inland" - a huge poverty-stricken, environmentally degraded favela. There's plenty of sub-plot, social current and Machiavellian wickedness to keep viewers on the edge of their seats till the last episode. Despite the DIY feel of the close sets there are fortunately enough locations to relieve viewers of claustrophobia, that hampers many other cheap SciFi productions. I think this one (thanks to a good English dubbed version) will catch on with a wider TV audience than the normal Portuguese, homespun audience.

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  • Bianca Comparato
  • Vaneza Oliveira
  • Rodolfo Valente
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