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movieRMarch 8, 2024
Fresh out of prison after serving time for murder, Adam returns to his old stomping grounds to seek out a son who doesn't know him. Eli, the brother of the man he killed is looking for revenge. Mike, is trying to escape a life of crime living under the thumb of his gangster Uncle.
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1h 51min
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I dont mind watching B-movies, I watch them a lot actually, but this is a B-movie which pretends to be a serious crime drama and that didnt sit well with me. The bad: average actors, lacking in charisma and talent, try to act seriously, while their performances constantly made me cringe by their lack of quality. You know that kind of feeling when the acting just doesnt look true to life and kinda fake? Well that's the feeling I got when watching these actors who all failed to impress me. Labeled as a romance as well? Are they kiddin'? And it for sure as heck aint thrilling for a second. It is a crime story all right, but much more geared towards a personal portrait of criminals than towards a riveting thriller though. So beware all you fans of crime thrillers, this is probably not the movie you expect it to be. Not any good then? Well, the "best" actor we get to see is Rory Culkin, but he never was a great actor to begin with and that qualification sums up this entire movie, which is not terrible, but quite average and lacking in everything you would wish for in a crime thriller.

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  • Luke Evans
  • Rory Culkin
  • Alex Pettyfer
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