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movieJune 12, 2023
A hijacked 767 will crash in just 97 minutes when its fuel runs out. Against the strong will of NSA Deputy Toyin, NSA Director Hawkins prepares to have the plane shot down before it does any catastrophic damage on the ground, leaving the fate of the innocent passengers in the hands of Tyler, one of the alleged hijackers on board who is an undercover Interpol agent - or is he?
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1h 33min
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Complete waste of time with bad script, bad characters and bad execution. Feel sorry fol Bladwin and Rhyes for their downfall in such bad movies. Not to mention physics, reality and acting. Not even twist at the end can save movie. I managed to restart watching twice just to see how bad it will end and actualy ends even worse. Even Snakes on plane and some Sharknado movies make more sense. OK, there's some action inserts but nevertheless it's wouldn't change anything in plot even without them. I give moive 2 stars just because it is too bad to have 1 star. It's nice from time to time to watch such bad movies just to remember, how bad they can.

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  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers
  • Alec Baldwin
  • MyAnna Buring
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