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tvseriesTV-MAMay 7, 2023
A narrative series set in a limitless magical reality full of dynamic, hilarious characters and celebrity guests presenting sketches performed by a core cast of black women.
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As a Black lady, I'm extremely glad this show exists because, from the performers to the writers to the crew, there's so much talent. But to be honest with y'all... the writing is still weak. I am excited for the rest of season 2 and I'll keep watching because the cast is so strong, but the writing for sure needs work. Some sketches are straight-up confusing (for the baby shower one in season 2, it took me forever to understand who was related to who), the subplot about the apocalypse is so drawn-out that it's hard to care about, the pacing of some sketches fizzle out almost immediately, and some sketches rely SO heavily on tired stereotypes that I forget we're in 2021. I do love the general premise of most of the sketches though, and Robin is such a comedic force. There is so much potential in this show, and I think the show could benefit from taking a wittier, more subtle approach instead of being so heavy-handed.

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  • Robin Thede
  • Gabrielle Dennis
  • Ashley Nicole Black
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