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moviePG-13June 28, 2024
The only thing worse than being the assistant to a high-maintenance movie star who doesn't take you seriously? Finding out he's smitten with your mom.
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1h 51min
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If you've ever asked yourself who's had more procedures Zac or Nicole, this is your movie!!! Firstly, it's really hard to tell a convincing love story without the ability to use facial expressions. Secondly, the age gap doesn't come off as somehow he looks old and she looks freakishly young, so they meet somewhere in a creepy cosmetic surgery twilight zone where age knows no bounds. Also, Zac looks way too much like Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians as his super hero character...but the drawing was a better actor. The daughter is great though and carried the whole movie, probably the only reason I didn't turn it off.

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  • Nicole Kidman
  • Zac Efron
  • Joey King
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