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tvseriesMarch 30, 2024
Count Alexander Rostov finds himself going from riches to rags following the Russian revolution. A Soviet tribunal banishes him to the attic room of an opulent hotel, where, oblivious to the world outside, he discovers the true value of friendship, family and love.
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A Gentleman In Moscow is one my favorite books and I was so looking forward to this adaptation. And who doesn't love Ewan McGregor? So since this is such a beautiful story - why not use better film? It looks like a weird video. With all the amazing shows coming out during this golden age why cheap out for the production? I am not giving this less stars due to the story or the acting but to the poor poor choice of film or more to the point - video. It looks like one of those live musicals they were doing that last few years- like Jesus Christ Super Star or Peter Pan. This does not do justice to this book, story, or actors.

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  • Ewan McGregor
  • Fehinti Balogun
  • Daniel Cerqueira
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