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moviePGSeptember 15, 2023
A migrant farmworker, Jose' Herna'ndez, defies all odds to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a NASA astronaut and going to space.
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In today's cinematic landscape, it's a rarity to come across a film that genuinely touches the heart, evoking both tears of sorrow and bursts of laughter. "A Million Miles Away," available on Amazon Prime September 15 and directed by the talented Alejandra Marquez Abella, accomplishes this feat effortlessly. It's a tapestry of emotions, woven with thoughtful narratives and heartwarming moments, telling a story of challenges, growth, and ultimate triumph. The movie's authenticity is one of its strongest suits. From the stark realities of laboring under the blistering sun in dry fields to the intense family dialogues that are all too relatable, every scene feels like a window into real-life experiences. The anguish of losing a beloved family member is palpable, and such moments are portrayed with sensitivity and depth. These raw moments, paired with moments of joy and laughter, provide the film a realistic rhythm, echoing the highs and lows of life itself. However, it's not just the central plot or the circumstances that stand out. What truly sets this movie apart is its portrayal of communication between its characters. Conversations are genuine and deep, devoid of the superfluous drama that often plagues cinematic dialogues. This movie isn't about grand gestures or over-the-top dramatizations; it's about the simple, profound connections humans share with one another. One of the central themes explored is the soulful journey of migrant families. Migration, by its very nature, involves a complex tapestry of emotions - hope, fear, determination, and a constant longing for home. Through "A Million Miles Away," the audience gets an intimate glimpse into these emotions, understanding the deep-seated aspirations and challenges faced by migrant families. The movie doesn't just touch upon their struggles but dives deep into their souls, showing their resilience, strength, and unbreakable spirit. Jose Hernandez stands as a beacon of inspiration in this narrative. His character arc, from a hard-working individual battling numerous adversities to achieving the unthinkable dream of becoming an astronaut, is nothing short of awe-inspiring. It's a testament to the human spirit's resilience, emphasizing that with unwavering determination and hard work, even the most distant dreams can become a reality. It's rare for a film to elicit a vast array of emotions from its audience, but "A Million Miles Away" does so brilliantly. It's a rollercoaster of feelings, from shedding tears at the heart-wrenching moments to bursting into laughter during the lighter ones. This emotional depth and range make it not just a movie to watch but an experience to be felt. This film is perfect for families, offering valuable lessons on love, loss, perseverance, and the essence of dreams. Its universal themes make it relatable for people from all walks of life, and its sensitive portrayal of poignant moments ensures that it resonates with viewers long after the credits roll. "A Million Miles Away" is more than just a cinematic masterpiece; it's a touching ode to the human spirit's indomitable strength. Alejandra Marquez Abella has crafted a timeless classic, a movie that will undoubtedly be etched in the annals of cinematic history. The accolades and stars it has garnered are well-deserved, and one can only anticipate more audiences around the world recognizing its brilliance. So, whether you're seeking an emotional journey, a dose of inspiration, or simply a well-crafted narrative, "A Million Miles Away" promises to deliver on all fronts. It's not just a movie; it's an experience - one that stays with you, a million miles and beyond.

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  • Michael Peña
  • Rosa Salazar
  • Julio Cesar Cedillo
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