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tvseriesTV-MADecember 5, 2023
Gen Z amateur sleuth and tech-savvy hacker Darby Hart and eight other guests are invited by a reclusive billionaire to participate in a retreat at a remote location. When one of the other guests is found dead, Darby must use her skills to prove it was murder before the killer takes another life.
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Having watched the first two episodes so far, my interest is peaked in regards to where all of these paths will take us. Personally I'm not a huge fan of murder mysterys but there's clearly more layers to this mystery. It's a fresh mix of multiple genres, with creators who trusts and encourages the viewer to engage with a community of sleuths to solve the mystery, it's been a really fun experience so far. I can't relate to reviews claiming the show feels too slow. The first two episodes takes its time developing the characters and setting the stage through the first two episodes, plenty of clues and patterns sprinkled throughout. There's so much to take note of, if you know where to look. I have a feeling the show will have a great re-watch value when all episodes are out, knowing how the future can influence the past...

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  • Emma Corrin
  • Brit Marling
  • Harris Dickinson
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