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movie16+August 14, 2023
Greg is a police lieutenant; he must collect informations on eco-activists, infiltrating them for months. Myriam, a young free woman, is fighting to save a forest from the building of a dam. They meet and fall in love on the Zone. A beautiful life, a joy that Greg discovers, despite the risks of being unmasked. For each of them, time is short: soon everything will disappear.
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Although it tells us that this was made based on a true story taking place in England it seems highly implausible that people wouldn't pick up on the undercover part of the operation. * The mindset the Weltanschauung of a cop and folks who belong to the rebellious side of society Eco-warriors in this case really do not operate along the same lines it would be quite clear very quickly that the way of thinking is so different things would not line up and then you would smell a rat. The acting here is very good from both main players the way in which he is very quickly conflicted the set of values he holds or held and the new values he is now facing are really clashing in his mind and heart. Ultimately the story pictured here is very beautiful since it is about the victory of love over mindless duty. But it does require a fair amount of suspension of disbelief. Anyone who ever spent time with people from these two different worlds would realise that the language the body language the entire way of being is so far one from the other that the twain really should never meet could never meet. I can understand a cop being undercover with drug dealers gunrunners the vision of the world isn't so different there it is simply a case of which side you're on but with eco-warriors the mindsets would preclude this kind of fusion happening. So I enjoyed the film a lot But do not personally really believe the premise I also have a serious problem whenever actors try to depict hippies or any type of counterculture players. They never get it right the entire gestalt body language movement never can be copied properly; and alternative people would never take part. Total catch 22 This film here is sweet; seems to be on the right side of the moral divide and that is laudable but in many ways it is a tale which cannot be ... I am sure many others will read this from other angles Worth seeing in any case.

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  • François Civil
  • Lyna Khoudri
  • Nathalie Richard
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