AEW Collision 2nd September 2023 720p WEBRip x265

tvseriesTV-14September 3, 2023
An in-ring show featuring more wrestlers, more stories and more action to super-serve fans.
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Where Rampage dropped the ball, Collision picks it back up for a proper sister show to the already awesome AEW Dynamite. Matches feel like they're big instead of randomly put together like Rampage was. Storylines actually progress. And as always, great to see some real wrestling as opposed to the competitors stagnant sterilised format of "sports entertainment". Great matches so far. Great environment. Glad it wasn't a true brand split, and is just two "different" shows. I'd be disappointed if the world didn't get more of The Acclaimed in both shows. The only downside here is that I absolutely despise the theme song. I'm apparently in the minority here but I hate Billy Joel's music. I'm sure he's a cool dude but I can't get with the sound. Spent too long working in a pub full of boomers and it just causes me immense pain to listen to this sort of thing. Excellent show, anyway.

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  • Cash Wheeler
  • Dasha Kuret
  • Juice Robinson
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