AEW Collision 6th July 2024 720p WEBRip x265

tvseriesTV-14July 10, 2024
An in-ring show featuring more wrestlers, more stories and more action to super-serve fans.
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AEW shows mainly copy catcher drama from WWE. Recently notice the story line copied from WWE attitudes era. The stage infrastructure also copied from WWE. They need to do something different from WWE not copy from WWE. Show quality poor and keep depending on retired WWE superstars. AEW depending on violence show to attract viewers. Not realizing the impact on viewers. AEW need to think out of the box to give better entertainment to viewers and not keep coping from WWE. AEW has lost young viewers due to this . Boring program show . Come out with new ideas and new concepts. This will impress more your audience.

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  • Tony Schiavone
  • Steven Haworth
  • Mike Posey
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