Alexander The Making of a God Complete S01 720p WEB-DL x265

tvseriesTV-14February 2, 2024
Expert interviews and gripping reenactments combine to reveal the extraordinary life of Alexander the Great and his burning desire to conquer the world.
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Disappoints with inaccuracies, diminishing historical authenticity. Anachronistic names and sensationalized portrayals compromise the legendary figure's depiction. The casual use of "Alex" undermines accuracy, and exaggerating Alexander's sexuality disregards Greek terminology for homosexuality. The oversimplified portrayal of Darius perpetuates gender role stereotypes, deviating from established records. Lackluster production, marked by inaccurate costumes and subpar effects, fails to capture expected grandeur. Accuracy and production flaws make it portrayal unsatisfactory. Not approved it...

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  • Buck Braithwaite
  • Mido Hamada
  • Dino Kelly
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