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tvseriesTV-PGSeptember 18, 2023
A look at the personal and professional lives of the judges, lawyers, clerks, bailiffs and cops who work at an L.A. County courthouse.
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I loved, loved, loved the first two seasons of All Rise. Sigh! I was truly disappointed when it was canceled then elated when the series was picked up by OWN. Some of the episodes are now poorly written with, relationship drama overload, unrealistic exchanges between characters, predictability, outright silliness, some straight-up stupidness, and some stories are overly dramatized (specifically episode 10). I was preoccupied in August when the season finale, episode 10, aired, and forgot about it until now, October 6th. I would have never forgotten to watch an episode during seasons one and two, which says a lot about season three. Episode 10 is so poorly written that I was talking out loud to my monitor, expressing how stupid certain scenes were, and how predictable others were. I found myself clicking the skip forward button several times to get past the foolishness. Smh! During the Summer, I could not bring myself to watch episode 8. The storyline was so silly, and not in a humorous way. Auntie O, what have you done to this once excellent series!!!

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  • Simone Missick
  • Wilson Bethel
  • Jessica Camacho
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