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tvseriesTV-PGJune 1, 2019
Forensic geologist Scott Wolter explores mysteries, artifacts and relics to reveal a history of the North American continent not taught in school.
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I've watched every episode of America unearthed. After reading some of the reviews posted I feel Scott may be correct when he says if certain discoveries do not fit the current paradigm of main stream beliefs that discovery or theory is dismissed as garbage. What I categorize as fringe science has always interested me. I know for a fact our history is flawed to the point I feel history should be taught as theoretical not fact. Let the student research and form their own opinions. My research leads me to believe Christopher Columbus did not discover America and he does not deserve a holiday. That being said, I believe we do not know everything about this world or this country by any means. So how can anyone dismiss one mans theories on his quest to find the truth? Sure he is pushy and on the arrogant side and he does have an agenda - that aside he does raise some very interesting questions and offers what I feel are some very logical theories of the history of this country. My main concern with this show is he does not ask enough questions. As a retired police detective with 32 years experience I tend to look at most situations with a different eye. As an example, when Scott was in Oklahoma I believe looking at cave drawings of what he believed to be a bull as seen in Egyptian petroglyph's - I was curious as to the history and geography of the cave purported to be from the 2nd or 3rd century. That's nearly two thousand years ago. How is it possible the astoarchology (sp) explained in this cave still be present after all this time? Did the cave weather over the years? I would think the answer would be yes but that question was never addressed. My questions regarding Oak Island in Nova Scotia would be how did ancient people dig the hole that deep with simple digging tools? The water table on that island must be very high and I feel the hole would fill with water after about 6-10 feet. So how was it possible for that hole and the purported booby trap holes dug allowing ocean water to fill the cave at approximately the 200' level( I believe) constructed. Those questions need to be addressed in my opinion. It makes sense to me the knights Templar could have passed on their quest to the masons. Why not, is there proof this did not happen? I don't think so - therefore I do not discard hypothesis from anyone without proof it is wrong. Open your minds to the possible until it becomes probable then open your minds it may be true.

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