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movieRJanuary 28, 2024
An assassin on a final assignment in Fuerteventura, to kill a man he has never met. When his target is delayed, he finds himself drawn to the island, people and a ghostly shipwreck. Instead of following protocol he stays. But when the target returns, the world has shifted. Before everything was simple, now nothing is.
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Two bits of trivia for you. 1. Ian McShane is one of those rare actors who has never given a bad performance. 2. The Canary Islands are, geologically, not islands but mountain tops. Once, long ago, when sea levels were lower, there was a civilization there. The reason for this trivia? Although McShane has never given a bad performance, he does occasionally take parts that are less than his due. Arguably, this is one of them. And, two, unless you succumb to the hypnotic delight of chillin' on the island (and many of you will indeed succumb!), this meandering and moody film may not be for you. It is literally 10 full minutes before we have actual dialog. To say the pace is slow is like saying water is wet. There is indeed some action in the Third Dramatic Act but, in all honesty, by then you will have absolutely decided whether or not this film is for you. And voted, accordingly, with your keyboard. ((Designated "IMDb Top Reviewer." Please check out my list "167+ Nearly-Perfect Movies (with the occasional Anime or TV miniseries) you can/should see again and again (1932 to the present))

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  • Fanny Ardant
  • Nora Arnezeder
  • Oscar Coleman
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