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tvseriesTV-PGJune 8, 2019
Did intelligent beings from outer space visit Earth thousands of years ago? From the age of the dinosaurs to ancient Egypt, from early cave drawings to continued mass sightings in the US, each episode gives historic depth to the questions, speculations, provocative controversies, first-hand accounts and grounded theories surrounding this age old debate.
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They were so irresponsible in stating facts that they assumed everything exotic will be believed by the audience. :P They cooked up fantastic time-lines and lies about almost everything they say. Eg:- 1) They said, "the Bhagavat Gita" or "the Mahabharata" is about an ancient Indian king Rama. Any person with a basic knowledge about India and it's religion / culture would simply ridicule them. 2) 90% of the times they said "Ancient Sanskrit writings of India", they actually showed Ancient Tamil / Telugu writings. They are as different from each other as Latin, Aramaic and Icelandic are from each other. When they spoke about India, it's so funny; each time flashed the same couple of temples which are in South India. 3) Kumari Kandam had been explored for in the Bay Of Bengal in the extreme south of the east coast (Mamallapuram in Tamilnadu to be precise). They said that they found ruins of Kumari Kandam in the Gulf Of Cambay which is in the west coast and at least 1200KM from the actual site. 4) Also, one old bald guy in the second season who speaks like he knows head and tail of the Sanskrit scriptures said "there are as many as 400000 intelligent civilizations in the universe including other dimensions", which is total bull. No such mention anywhere LOL!!! 5) Dwaraka, a 30000 BC site? No one could find a carbon-datable artifact in the under-water archaeological survey of Dwaraka or the Gulf of Cambay. That's just a made up arbitrary number. 7000 BC was the actual estimated time the place sunk in the sea. These people are so content with their fantasies that they forgot to look for any factual information. It's like "Yeah right! Who the heck gives a rats' a-- about facts?" :P Most of the "information" they gave of India is either wrong / blatantly made-up. I could only imagine the cooked up stuff about else where. No wonder why the hypothesis itself is not given any credibility in the archaeological / scientific community. I give them a 6/10 for just making the stuff up, and 1/10 for any amount of authenticity, -3/10 for their total disregard for facts. So it's a 4/10. The rating 7.8 is proof enough for me that their target audience are the people who are gullible enough to believe even when they say 'George Clooney is an "extraterrestrial biological entity" and is the son of Osiris, the Last King of Scotland.' It's like telling the people of the "yanagapa" in the amazonian rain forests that, her Majesty Queen Elizabeth is a virgin and carried Baby Jesus on her back all the way to Lemuria which was ruled by Santa Claus who in turn is an "extra terrestrial biological entity". Look at the goddamn audacity! (Nevertheless, some artifacts that they showed and their implications, if proved authentic would be fascinating.. But again they were already shown in Eric Van Daniken's 1970s documentary based on his book, of the same theme)

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