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tvseriesTV-MAApril 25, 2024
An old case is wrenched open when a reporter goes missing, leading his web sleuth daughter to a small mountain town haunted by a sect, secrecy and death.
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What an absolute pile of hot garbage. I only lasted the first episode, and wouldn't usually review something I hadn't watched to the end, but this was so stupendously stupid I have to warn people off! The pacing is terrible, as if the people making this have never watched a Scandi-Noir show before. They throw far to much into the first episode that there is no expansion for character building. We learn everything we need to know about everyone. I am surprised they didn't solve it in this episode too. Every character is shallow, irritating, and dumb. They do things that are just so unbelievable it made my head spin. The camera work is also terrible with a hundred cuts a second! If you watch with subtitles good luck to you as it is impossible to read what is being said and absorb anything on the screen at the same time. This was as close as I feel I have come to having an epileptic fit. Avoid at all cost!

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  • Hatik
  • Noémie Schmidt
  • Camille Lou
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