Ape vs Mecha Ape 2023 480p BluRay x264

movieNovember 5, 2023
Recognizing the destructive power of its captive giant Ape, the military makes its own battle-ready A.I., Mecha Ape. But its first practical test goes horribly wrong, leaving the military no choice but to release the imprisoned giant ape to stop the colossal robot before it destroys downtown Chicago.
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1h 24min
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Ape vs Mecha Ape is yet another masterpiece from the Global Asylum team. The military makes a giant killer "Mecha" Ape in order to defend against a giant REAL ape but things go wrong and the russinas (I think) hack the robo-ape and turn it against them. So, they have to release the real giant ape to fight against their own giant robot ape. This has all the standard cheesy Asylum tropes. Their visual effects have been getting better over the last few years, but it varies from shot to shot. Tom Arnold is the only "star" I recognized in this one. I give this a solid 6 stars. It is no Sharknado, but it's pretty good for a movie in this genre.

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Cast Overview
  • Tom Arnold
  • Anna Telfer
  • Lisa Lee
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