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movieRSeptember 15, 2023
Since losing her husband, Sophie has struggled to manage grief, a full-time job, and parenting her devastated daughter, but when a former physicist reveals a secret time-bending machine, Sophie will be faced with an impossible choice.
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1h 44min
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As others have stated this is not an action packed movie. It is based on emotional connections. Between the lead actors love for each other and taking the audience along with them. This is where the film fails. The husband looks too young and unattractive to have a connection with Judy Greer. She looks too old likewise so the emotion needed between them is strained. It is a casting fail. So watchers know they are just looking at actors. The magic of the story is lost! Whats the point? If its just woke agenda its a shame, life goes on and not like this movie we can not get back the hours we have lost.

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  • Judy Greer
  • Edi Gathegi
  • Payman Maadi
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