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tvseriesTV-MASeptember 14, 2023
Sterling Archer is the world's most daunting spy. He works for ISIS, a spy agency run by his mother. In between dealing with his boss and his co-workers - one of whom is his ex-girlfriend - Archer manages to annoy or seduce everyone that crosses his path. His antics are only excusable because at the end of the day, he still somehow always manages to thwart whatever crises was threatening mankind.
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Archer is James Bond in sitcom form. Unlike Bond, Archer's mother is the head of the secret service agency he works for. And this mother and son couple do not get along at all. They find joy in the other's humiliation and/or pain. This show is incredibly entertaining, and while the animation is impressive in detail it feels weird to watch at times because it doesn't have the same 'flow' as cel-animation. That's probably because it's done on Adobe After Effects and/or Flash. Spy fiction is a creative pool writers can screw around with endlessly: they can dig into the many clichés of James Bond films, The Bourne Films, and just being all-round nostalgic for films of the 60s. It's like if Ian Fleming teamed up with Mel Brooks, Trey Parker and Matt Groening. Very good stuff, and guarantees your full attention and enjoyment.

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  • H. Jon Benjamin
  • Judy Greer
  • Amber Nash
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