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movieNot RatedJuly 10, 2020
Two years after the fall of the alien ship, the life of a young woman from Moscow has been changed forever. Her growing powers are now at the focus of both human and celestial investigation: an alien force takes an interest in her, and will stop short of nothing, including an invasion. Can love and compassion save humanity, when faced with a much greater and more demanding test this time?
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2h 14min
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134 minutes of dragged out plot and technical issue riddled writing that felt like 5 hours. You'd think they would've learned from the first films' mistakes. Nope. The first film was written by 5th graders. This one by 5 year olds. These writers need to go back to high school. Pretty sure the subbing was also done by 5 years olds. Acting was ok, and the score surprisingly good and fitting. The cinematography was excellent and the S/VFX were stellar - which is the main reason I'm giving this film my very generous 5/10

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Cast Overview
  • Irina Starshenbaum
  • Rinal Mukhametov
  • Alexander Petrov
  • Yuriy Borisov
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