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tvseriesTV-MAApril 18, 2024
When a struggling comedian shows one act of kindness to a vulnerable woman, it sparks a suffocating obsession which threatens to wreck both their lives.
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EDIT: I have seen the whole series now. I'm only into episode 3 and I'm truly hooked. That's quite a feat for me because if I'm going to commit to a tv series, it has to pull me in within the first episode and make me want to binge the rest. This is a brilliant combination of humour - sometimes funny, not funny, dark but well paced out with a balance of intrigue as the characters evolve. There are many unpredictable moments of fear, dread, horror, and OMG moments that are so well executed mostly because the casting of the 2 lead characters, Donny and Martha. But the whole cast holds their own. The acting is superb! The cinematography is perfectly suited to the various moods it evokes and the soundtracks wrap this up into a production worth watching. It will take you on a journey, I assure you - like a rollercoaster at times. It's an easy watch at 30 minutes per episode and moves along at an good pace to follow but the intrigue never wavers because it's one of the most unique series I've seen. Just watch it. Once you get to episode 3, you will understand what I mean. PS: It's also a true story. So be prepared to wrap your head around that.

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  • Richard Gadd
  • Nava Mau
  • Jessica Gunning
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