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movieTV-MAJanuary 28, 2024
After a deadly earthquake turns Seoul into a lawless badland, a fearless huntsman springs into action to rescue a teenager abducted by a mad doctor.
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1h 47min
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#BadlandHunters, released on #Netflix, is a Korean film set in the universe of #ConcreteUtopia. Watching this film is not compulsory, but the Hindi dubbing, as always, is well done to netflix. Speaking of the lead, Ma Dong-seok's presence raises expectations for intense action scenes, which the film delivers. However, in terms of the story, it presents nothing new, offering a familiar and worn-out narrative. Consequently, the film becomes a one-time watch in my opinion. Nonetheless, if you have spare time, it's worth a watch, but skipping it won't make much of a difference, share your thoughts about the film that you like it or not.

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  • Ma Dong-seok
  • Lee Joon-young
  • No Jeong-ee
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