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movieApril 5, 2024
Following the death of her estranged father, Iris learns she has inherited a run-down, centuries-old pub. She travels to Berlin to identify her father's body and meet with The Solicitor to discuss the estate. Little does she know, when the deed is signed she will become inextricably tied to an unspeakable entity that resides in the pub's basement - Baghead - a shape-shifting creature that can transform into the dead.
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1h 34min
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Ok maybe i'm way off on this one. But i went into this movie blind and knowing absolutely nothing about it, and came out liking it more than the people who took me to see it and were looking forward to it. I mean its not a perfect movie, and it did have a couple of lame familiar moments. But overall it tried it hardest to be different and avoid the same old thing we've seen time and again. It had a decent plot with a couple of twists, and good acting. But is a mild horror really. So won't keep all fans of the genre happy. Its a strange one as there's nothing terribly old but nothing amazingly new in the movie. But i'd say its worth a one of watch. Even if my friends would say it isn't.

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  • Freya Allan
  • Jeremy Irvine
  • Ruby Barker
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