Bastard Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Complete S01 DUAL Part 2 720p WEB-DL x265

tvseriesTV-MASeptember 16, 2022
When evil forces threaten to resurrect Anthrasax, the God of Destruction, the Kingdom of Meta-llicana calls on a volatile dark wizard for help.
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Don't think this is a spoilers since you can see it in the trailer, so I think I'm just giving a heads up. You learn pretty quickly (episode 1 if you've got a better trained eye than me lol, but for me episode 2 really). So as long as you know that it's basically a p*rno/h*ntai but on Netflix so major ecchi lol, you can make fun of it and just relax as it is dumb in ways, but it's entertaining enough for the time to pass. Honestly, the people making this must've had a lot of fun cause he acts so dumb, but the moments he causes, while equally so, have hilarious moments.

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  • Kishô Taniyama
  • Tomori Kusunoki
  • Kyle McCarley
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