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tvseriesDecember 3, 2023
Aster Calyx and Halan Kai Nelson are inextricably drawn to Beacon 23. Navigating one threat after another, they unravel the beacon's mysteries, just in time to face their most powerful enemy.
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Why do these production companies do this?? They buy the rights to a wonderfully written, subtle, cerebral, quirky, humorous book, and then proceed to write and produce a show that has NOTHING to do with it except that it takes place in a "space lighthouse"? Seriously??? I'm not saying that every show or movie should be a verbatim copy of the written version, but vaguely CLOSE might be nice. And if you're going to depart from the book so completely, and so immediately, then at least make it unique! Or coherent! Or with stunning visuals! Or fascinating dialog! This felt like bad low budget stuff from the 80s. Good grief! I couldn't even go for the 2nd episode, I was so disappointed. 😕😔

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  • Lena Headey
  • Stephan James
  • Wade Bogert-O'Brien
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