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tvseriesTV-MAApril 14, 2024
Aster Calyx and Halan Kai Nelson are inextricably drawn to Beacon 23. Navigating one threat after another, they unravel the beacon's mysteries, just in time to face their most powerful enemy.
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The actors aren't a problem, they're all pretty good. Male lead is actually impressive. Story iis interesting and develops.. it goes somewhere and is somewhat original. The sets are good and though (necessarily) a bit limited, it's fine. I liked watching it but it wasn't 100% gripping. So what's wrong? Well.. there is no subplot. While the dialogue isn't bad and the script is fine, it loses tension because there is no sufficient subplot to create enough dramatic tension. Yes the lead went AWOL, but his feelings and the tension not built into the story in an effective way. The focus on the main story and lack of subplot significantly reduces the tension in the series. Despite this, I enjoyed watching it, but it's something I could watch while ironing or washing up because really all I want to do is find out what the plot conclusion is, and I'm not heavily invested in the characters. Worth a watch of you like scifi and some interesting ideas but don't expect it to be the next Battlestar Galactica, or Moonhaven (yes I loved Moonhaven even though it has a bad rating for some reason).

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  • Stephan James
  • Natasha Mumba
  • Lena Headey
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