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tvseriesJanuary 28, 2024
Belgravia, 1871. When Lord Frederick Trenchard meets Clara Dunn, their courtship is full of passion. But after they marry, the scandalous world of high society and a long-buried family secret threaten to unravel their happiness.
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The backstory of Lord Frederick Trenchard seems to be very similar to Alexander Colbourne's in Sanditon S2 & 3. Abusive father, estranged brother saved from his personal demons by the love of a good woman. The indifference that the Duke (Miles Jupp) treats his epileptic son Peter isn't that dissimilar from how Colbourne interacted with his illegitimate daughter, Leonora following the death of his unfaithful wife... Wouldn't be the first time a JF script seemed very familiar... That said, I'll keep watching "Belgravia: The Next Chapter" to see what happens with Fletcher (Liam Garrison) and Davison (Elaine Cassidy), Emily (Hannah Onslow) and the Reverend James (Toby Regbow). Curious to learn if Dr. Ellerby (Edward Bluemel) is a good guy or a baddie and how Nell's (Lauren McQueen) backstory story is integral to the plot. Personally, I find the supporting characters and their story lines are more compelling than the leads. PS: What's up with Ensign and Mawdie?

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  • Benjamin Wainwright
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