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movieTV-PGNovember 17, 2023
When a twist of fate lands Charlotte and her family at her old college friend's Jackie's house only days before Christmas, she seizes the opportunity to prove her old friend's life isn't as wonderful as it seems from her holiday newsletter.
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Another typical Netflix original Xmas movie with has been actors and awful dialogue. I don't know who this movie is for either - it's not particularly funny or thoughtful so adults will be bored by it, and the themes are a little too much for kids to comprehend and the jokes aren't for them either so I dunno. The actors are honestly trying and they're not the problem at all. It's just lazily and cheaply done and is another in a long list of bad Xmas movies nobody will ever watch but NF shareholders will be told that 'there's now 2000 holiday movies on the service so we will def attract more subscribers with them!' And the ending is so rushed and out of nowhere that it reminded me of the ending to CATS. Which is never a good sign. And it starts with a character talking right to the camera - which is then never done again. Skip this one, it doesn't even have the light hearted whimsy that other Xmas flicks have. It's serious and boring and I wish the leads had better material to work with...

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  • Heather Graham
  • Brandy Norwood
  • Jason Biggs
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