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tvseriesNovember 1, 2023
Bride Covey disappears in the shore, under unknown circumstances or reasons. A flash drive will change the life of Eleanor Bennet, years later.
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Have an open mind. As someone from the Caribbean this is an amazing show and story. Maybe if us from African origin have family history that involves boats and stowaways to and from the UK, Portugal and Chinese and Indian of which my wife are all of the above. Not sure why so many low ratings. The story is engaging and true to life. Have open mind you might be surprised. I would give this 10 so far but gave it 8 because I'm only on episode 3. Hopefully the story telling continues. If I can I will edit this review. I don't post here often but felt compelled to post something positive. Down let the majority suppress this gem because it's "different ".

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  • Stephanie Jacob
  • Rupert Evans
  • Adrienne Warren
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