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tvseriesTV-MANovember 15, 2023
Eleanor Bennett loses her battle with cancer, leaving her children a flash drive that holds untold stories of her journey from the Caribbean to America; the stories shock her children and challenge everything they know about their family's origin.
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Gorgeous to watch with beautiful shots of the locations. Lovely costumes help set the time and the scenes. The events unravel in an odd pace though. You can't really say the plot is slow, but the buildups to, I think, what are supposed to be "surprise" moments take so long that the moments don't truly land with the impact they were intended to. For example, the first episode could have easily been trimmed down to a half hour, giving the big plot turn(s) more dramatic punch. As it is, most of the important moments hit in the last 10-15 minutes of each episode. Also, the murder mystery aspect of "Black Cake" isn't a mystery at all. The culprit is pretty obvious from episode one.

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  • Mia Isaac
  • Jade Eshete
  • Samuel Lorenzo Bulgin
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