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movieFebruary 4, 2023
Jess, a newly separated mother and nurse, moves into her old family farmhouse with Tyler, her teenage daughter, and Owen, her eight-year-old son. One night, the family dog senses something in the woods and runs off to find it. He returns a couple of days later and attacks Owen, savagely biting him before Jess is able to intervene. Owen is rushed to the hospital. His condition worsens, and no one can figure out why... until Jess discovers a disturbing cure...
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1h 48min
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I loved THE MACHINIST but was mixed by BLOOD. The film has great elements, first Michelle Monaghan is phenomenal and her performance is really great, engaging as a mother who is ready to literally everything to support and heal his child. Also the two children are every great. The script is far from being flawless, but is full of suspense, tension and strong relationships between the characters. BLOOD is also one of the most disturbing film you'll ever see. It can be disgusting at moments, though there is no gore (but lots of, well, blood, in this film. What's unhealthy, and really disturbing is the character's decisions and actions, and Monaghan's character, just like us, knows from the very beginning that what she's doing is wrong. She can be seen as a mother who loves and cherishes her child, and also, as someone says in the movie, "a monster". That's really disturbing. And her actions become unbelievable at some points. Of course, the supernatural element here is only a pretext to think about: "how far would you fo for your child?". Still, there is a feeling that something is unfinished here, probably due due to some unanswered questions, but we feel it goes beyond these. BLOOD is a film you'll love or hate. What's sure is that you'll probably feel very uncomfortable, and be shocked watching this film. Whatever you'll like or hate it, you won't forget it, and you'll probably need to walk 20/30 minutes to absorb the experience.

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  • Michelle Monaghan
  • Skeet Ulrich
  • Finlay Wojtak-Hissong
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