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movieSeptember 7, 2023
This drama tells the story of how the police arranged for special forces member Tang Shiyu to get close to the sister of drug lord Zhao Wenjiu in order to infiltrate the drug trafficking gang and capture him. Meanwhile, in the midst of the operation, Zhao's enemy, the notorious drug lord Chen Jiahua, enters China seeking revenge. Tang Shiyu finds herself caught between the two sides, collecting evidence while also making contact with Zhao's subordinates, including Hua Jiu. After a series of twists and turns, Hua Jiu begins to trust Tang Shiyu, and with her help, all the criminals are brought to justice. The story reflects how as a police officer, one must not only distinguish between right and wrong and punish evil while promoting good, but also must be willing to risk their life to rescue people in danger. Tang Shiyu, as a woman, demonstrates exceptional intelligence and the ability to turn danger into safety, not inferior to male team members.
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