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tvseriesTV-MAMay 10, 2024
The drug trafficking drama is inspired by the true story of two brothers who rose from the decaying streets of southwest Detroit in the late 1980s and gave birth to one of the most influential crime families in the country. It revolves around brothers Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory and Terry "Southwest T" Flenory, who together took their vision beyond the drug trade and into the world of hip-hop. The drama, per Starz, will tell a story about love, family and capitalism in the pursuit of the American dream.
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First season was mildly entertaining,thought forgettable being written with so many stereotypes and tropes and being formulaic. But 2nd season they doubled down on it. 50cent puts not even a single ounce of creativity or originality into it. Even the scenes, the shots introducing a scene its all the most basic 101 handbook. Like dropping a thing out of grocery bag and as shes trying to pick it up you see a hand reach down to pick it up, Or who the traitors are in the game, again 100% as in every 50cent show and based on generic tropes. Also it is so very budget. Storywise one thing that is super annoying is how they mention how much they are earning(millions) yet they are broke most of the time. Or if the story needs it, or when Terry goes in business with his dad. How can he have ZERO money when he shouldve been a (multi)milionaire already. Where is all the money they making? But the thing that bothers the most is the forced problem making or how quickly cops could turn a second in command. Also how the main guy is written is ridiculous, his brother helps him out of a serious serious jam and instead of dropping down to his KNEES and thanking him because it could be a huge deal, he curses him out and then punches him. Who writes this nonsense. 50 had a few pretty quality shows, or at least one, but lately given his shows it seems he has no interest in quality anymore, just low budget and little work invested in creation which is easily solved with formulaic generic writing.

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  • Da'Vinchi
  • Michole Briana White
  • Demetrius 'Lil Meech' Flenory
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