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tvseriesTV-MAMay 10, 2024
A ragtag crew of podcasters sets out to investigate mysterious disappearances from decades earlier in a charming Irish town with dark, dreadful secrets.
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This series has an identity crisis - It wants to be a charming Irish comedy, which honestly has been done to death and has become a cliche, and it wants to be a murder mystery. I find the murder mystery to be far more interesting, mostly because of a great performance by the Irish actress that plays the cop. She has enough comedic chops of her own, that we don't need the distraction of the goofy, bumbling performances of the podcasters. It is distracting and not in the least bit funny. What we are left with is just a lot of boring scenes that seem pointless, when the engaging part of the story is almost ignored. I know some the comments will say that it starts off slow but gets better in later episodes, but I'm way too busy to sit through 3 boring episodes. Boredom is not entertainment.

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  • Siobhán Cullen
  • Robyn Cara
  • Chris Walley
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