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movieRJuly 2, 2024
Based on a True Story: After Police Chief Carter (Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson) discovers the remains of eleven women, FBI Special Agent Petrovick (Mel Gibson) is recruited to profile the serial killer responsible for the infamous "boneyard" killings. As the police force, narcotics agency, and FBI lock horns, a tangled web of intrigue turns everyone into a suspect.
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Van Holt is the main actor in this a detective looking for a serial killer. Mel Gibson is a profiler with the FBI he has about 15 minutes and 50 Cent is police chief also 15 minutes. The whole thing seems like it was written to be a pilot for a TV show, the entire thing looks like one also, but instead it was made a movie, it happens a lot in the industry. As such some subplots are rushed, some things are unresolved etc. It's nice to see Mel Gibson he is obviously the best acting talent in this, quite possibly ad libbing his lines because his character is the only interesting one. It plays out more like one of those crime documentaries, we are just going through the motions. The movie basically doesn't have what can be called an ending, it's like a first episode of a miniseries, which is probably the most disappointing thing about it. Some things do get resolved but they almost happen off screen and explain with a couple of lines of dialogue so the movie has some cohesion.

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  • Mel Gibson
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