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tvseriesTV-MADecember 7, 2023
A veteran bookie struggles to survive the impending legalization of sports gambling, increasingly unstable clients, family, co-workers, and a lifestyle that bounces him around every corner of Los Angeles, high and low. Danny is a struggling bookie handling sports bets without typical loan shark tactics. Ray, the intimidating muscle, only bluffs. Sister Lorraine manages finances and sells mushrooms.
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Another one of them degenerates slice of life shows. I like SM but enough of laying it on so thick. So we got the zany characters and annoying wife (and sister), haven't seen that before. How is that guy a former football player? Did he play slow running back? If you make all the characters unlikable you lost me (as if they cared). Isn't there any shows where the characters don't suck. Lemme check who is responsible for this stuff and send them a stern note chastising them. 1 episode in , I'll give it an episode or 2 but if this is all it is I'll pass. If it turns out not so bad I will let you all know. Stay frosty.

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  • Omar J. Dorsey
  • Jorge Garcia
  • Sebastian Maniscalco
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