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tvseriesTV-MANovember 10, 2023
Bosch is now making a living as a private investigator two years after he quit the LAPD and finds himself working with one time enemy and top-notch attorney Honey "Money" Chandler. Meanwhile, Bosch's daughter Maddie is venturing into the world of the LAPD.
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It's getting a bit tiring that Bosch runs to a hacker to solve his problems every time and this hacker being able to hack pretty much anything. This is completely unrealistic. What's also unrealistic is how he does it. In 2023 writers should be acutely aware of technology and how things really work OR hire a consultant to review the script. This is just very lazy writing - a cop out (pun intended). I wish this show went a bit more out their stiff direction also. The direction and cinematography feels formulaic, just supporting the story and no room for creativity. The acting from the daughter of Bosch as well as Chandler shows a limited palette. Are these actors allowed and incentivized to put in more humanity? Show the rough edges? Luckily we see Bosch a bit more emotional in the early episodes of season 2.

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  • Titus Welliver
  • Mimi Rogers
  • Madison Lintz
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