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movieRDecember 23, 2023
A young ex-con risks his newfound freedom to track down the estranged daughter of a fellow inmate, and unknowingly brings a devil from her past straight to her doorstep.
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1h 37min
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From the outside looking in this movie appears to be an inferior version of Cape Fear. However this is a well made indie movie that is equal parts mystery and thriller. The story is engaging enough to also keep you hooked all the way through. Performance wise Dermot Mulroney maybe gives one of his best performances ever as Ray and director James Rowe probably watched Cape Fear before making this because Mulroney's performance here reminded me a lot of De Niro's from that movie. Alyssa Goss also does well with her role. Daren Mann as Dovey is the one who really gives a breakout leading role performance here and I hope to see him in more things going forward. The film sort of feels rushed in the last 15 minutes however and the ending could've packed more of a punch. Overall though for a direct to video indie film this was above par mostly due to the strong performances from both Mann and Mulroney and the strong direction from James Rowe.

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  • Dermot Mulroney
  • Darren Mann
  • Mena Suvari
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