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movieRAugust 16, 2023
Sang-hyeon is always struggling from debt, and Dong-soo works at a baby box facility. On a rainy night, they steal the baby Woo-sung, who was left in the baby box, to sell him at a good price. Meanwhile, detectives were watching, and they quietly track them down to capture the crucial evidence.
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2h 9min
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From the writer-director of Shoplifters comes yet another delicately layered & endlessly human drama concerning a group of broken folks who come together to form an unconventional family. Brimming with warmth, told with tenderness and anchored by impressive performances, Broker navigates through love, abandonment, family, choices, ethics & adoption, and is engrossing for the most part. Written & directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda, the premise is simple, accessible & in motion within minutes into the picture but the accompanying subplots do make the whole thing seem a tad messier than it needs to be. The more time we spend with these characters, the more we can empathise with them and the powerful bond that develops between them is allowed to evolve with a certain naturalness. There are times when some of the branching storylines feel unnecessary to the central plot and don't contribute in a manner that enriches the viewing experience. The highlights are the strong & measured acts from the entire cast, with Song Kang-ho leading from the front and Lee Ji-eun standing out in her supporting role. The chemistry between them also has a familial quality to it, and it glues the film together. Overall, Broker is as sweet & sentimental as it is sobering & melancholic and often makes sure that its emotional beats are hitting the right notes. The ending is somewhat unsatisfactory but the journey leading up to it never allows the interest to fizzle out, thanks to excellent character moments & commitment from its cast. A more streamlined narrative would've worked wonders but this South Korean drama still packs a punch.

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  • Song Kang-ho
  • Gang Dong-won
  • Bae Doona
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