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movieSeptember 17, 2019
On Halloween eve in 1980, local outcast, Julien Cummings, is carelessly murdered. A vagabond witch doctor, Dr. Death, takes matters into his own hands and brings Julien back from the dead to creatively seek brutal revenge on his killers.
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1h 25min
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This film doesn't even try to be original. The clichés flow one after another. Even for a low budget it still lacks anything of merit. The freakshow has zero customers!? Sheriff is useless and his sons acting is terrible. Couple of the make up effects are passable. But it's just a poorly shot, weak scripted pointless film cashing in on Tony Todd being in the film.......which he barely is and when appears in screen looks bored. Don't waste your time. It really has nothing goin for it. The promotion for this film was very good though I must say. The trailer made the film look good (did its job well) but it wasn't the film I saw. The fake reviews are just painfully obvious. It's rating tells you all you need to know. Avoid.

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Cast Overview
  • Tony Todd
  • Courtney Gains
  • P.J. Soles
  • Sky Elobar
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