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movieSeptember 18, 2023
A group of stoners break into a house for a weekend party, but realize all is not well after finding a mysterious stranger held captive in the basement.
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1h 21min
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This was a great film. It has the feel of a late 90s stoner film. For example idle hands (but not as funny, more serious). Mixed with a similar feel that you get with your slasher movies. I think it's good that they left alot of the politics plaquing movies recently and just made a fun, not to long, bloody, funny, unique And sometimes scary horror movie. And some people have said the acting was bad, well I 100% disagree. I think they did a great job. And I enjoyed how they changed up the vampire stuff a bit. I really hope tubi keeps doing horror movies and also I love Scout so yay! So please please please keep up the good work with the horror genre tubi.

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Cast Overview
  • Scout Taylor-Compton
  • Cody Frank
  • Tasie Lawrence
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