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movieTV-MAMarch 21, 2024
While about to take off, Monica, the owner of a famous influencer cat named Diva, and Jack, an international thief whose dog Chichi swallowed a stolen ruby, dis- cover that their pets have gotten lost on the tarmac. The owners - and their pets - must team up to find their loved ones. But they don't know that Brandt, a cop hot on their heels, will do anything to get his hands on the ruby!
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1h 26min
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I enjoyed it. Reminded me of Classic slapstick comedy but modernised and .. I would like to say targeted for children but it's not really a children's film. The preview did make the animation dull looking but it looked fine during the film. I laughed throughout the entire film; it has stupid antics, funny action scenes and I really enjoyed it. I really don't get the low rating. I guess it's just a taste thing. If you like slapstick comedy, I think one would enjoy this; nothing has to be perfectly made, just has to be enjoyable and I enjoyed it. The story is about two things: first a robbery of a ruby, which a dog accidentally swallows; and a cat, who is named 'Diva', and does in fact live up to her name. Sort of like 'Homeward Bound' but not really, just a cat and a dog on a journey to find their owners who are looking for them and they keep getting further and further away from them. Also has a sense of bonding with the two 'owners' looking for them and the relationship of the dog and cat. The dog's name is profane; I'll refrain from saying it here but I, again, quite enjoyed the film. Something to watch when you're tired of all the seriousness of the world itself.

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  • Franck Dubosc
  • Reem Kherici
  • Philippe Lacheau
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