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tvseriesApril 4, 2024
Follow South Africa's first forensic and investigative psychologist, Micki Pistorius (played by Charlotte Hope), as she studies the minds of South Africa's serial killers. Catch Me A Killer is an adaptation of Micki's autobiography that details her work as the first female criminal profiler in the country, which is brought to life as the events are depicted in the series.
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In the 90's, South Africa, which has the 2nd highest murder rate in the world. Many, many woman are found murdered, raped, tortured and mutilated in sugar cane fields. Besides other horrific crimes involving children and citizens just hanging at the pub. Along comes real life profiler, Mickey Pistoris. The underfunded and under staffed police stations, look to her as men in the 90's would look at a woman who has ideas. Not first. This is an extremely well acted 11 episode show. It is disheartening to see these crimes, most of which are serial or mass murders. The scenery and film stock totally is the 90's.

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  • Charlotte Hope
  • Donna Cormack-Thomson
  • Steven John Ward
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