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tvseriesTV-MAJune 22, 2024
Go behind the scenes of a notorious NBA owner's racist remarks, captured on a tape heard around the world, charting a collision between a dysfunctional basketball organization and even less functional marriage, and the precipitating tape's impact on an ensemble of characters striving to win against the backdrop of the most cursed team in the league.
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2 episodes in and this a fun and yet a perfect representation of what the world is today. I won't spoil the show for you but if you like glitz glamour, gossip, sports, social media and people who at times lack self awareness with rich people problems & getting old struggles/staying young, relationships then this show is good escapism for you. So far, So Good! The casting is very well done and it may get dark soon seeing where it's heading. Manipulation at its finest. Also bear in mind this is based on a true story, of course recreated for dramatic effect....but stuff like this happens especially with this insta Age. Enjoy!!

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  • Laurence Fishburne
  • Jacki Weaver
  • Cleopatra Coleman
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