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movieJuly 4, 2024
British Home Secretary Stella Simmons drives home one night while engaging in an affair with the Prime Minister. A mysterious man remotely hijacks her self-driving car, forcing her on a rampage through London
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1h 24min
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I didnt expect it to be this bad. Where to begin? Beware: this movie doesnt feature Kevin Spacey, it only features his VOICE. That's it, we dont get to see the man. What we do get to see is a B-movie actress who is (ofcourse) severely limited in portraying any true to life emotions and THAT IS A PROBLEM, because we get to see ONLY 1 THING and that is this terrible actress driving in her car all the time, talking to Kevin Spacey. What the what!? Wow. I really had to gather myself after witnessing such a low point in movie making. This movie undoubtedly is a failed copycat of a terrific other movie called "Locke" (2014) which has got a terrific acting performance (by Tom Hardy) and fabulous build up in suspense and drama, everything this movie is definitely lacking in...

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  • Kevin Spacey
  • Lauren Metcalfe
  • Mark Hampton
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