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movieSeptember 17, 2023
After a former agent's wife is killed by a member of a crime syndicate, he learns that the final member has targeted his daughter, stopping at nothing to get to her, and they must team together to prepare for the final showdown.
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1h 30min
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The collaboration between director Yadhu Krishnan and the director of photography in "Crossfire" is nothing short of extraordinary. The visuals in this independent film are stunning, thanks to the meticulous attention to detail and innovative cinematography. The seamless synergy between Krishnan's direction and the director of photography's vision elevates the film to another level. The theatrical release of "Crossfire" allows audiences to fully appreciate the artistic prowess of this talented duo. This movie just awesome outstanding performances of thus movie. I really very enjoyed and significance went to this movie. I really very like for this movie. I have just grreatest thing.

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Cast Overview
  • Louis Mandylor
  • Kevin Gage
  • Lori Pelenise Tuisano
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