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tvseriesTV-MAJune 11, 2020
When their mother mysteriously vanishes shortly after they all arrive in her hometown, teen twins discover secrets behind the village's tranquil facade.
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Can't believe people give this a one star rating while rating the endless flow of proper junk Hollywood push's these days eight stars. I'm sorry but the world has gone crazy. In my opinion this show (although not award nomination worthy or likely to gain any cult following) is at least laced with some of that old school passion. I feel I'm being entertained by someone with a love for film making and not arrogantly subverted by someone with a political agenda (I'm sure you know what I mean.) Rather refreshing if you ask me. All that said it feels like a student film to me, kept me watching till the end which Didnt unfold quite the way I unexpected. Take note most of the one star reviews watched the entire season and then complain about being entertained by a show not solid or as good as "Dark" seems a little unfair to me as it clearly is not of the same budget and what not as a show like Dark.

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  • Luca Lionello
  • Federico Russo
  • Margherita Morchio
  • Anna Ferzetti
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