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tvseriesNovember 5, 2023
The Vanderhouvens are a typical family...except a curse recently turned Alex-their loving husband and father-to stone. In order to save him, his wife and kids set out on spine-tingling adventures to return ancient artifacts stolen by an ancestor.
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So "adventure archaeology" has been a stapple of popular culture for decades. Usually it focuses on obtaining artifacts, unfortunately ignoring the realities of colonialism and its unlawful theft of culturally important items. So what if there was a show inversing that, restoring what has been lost to its rightful owners? A show like that, with nice cel-shaded CGI animation, emotionally mature writting, extensive research into various cultures and mythologies and with mix-race family representation? Yeah, all of that. This first season has been a blast, and I cannot wait for the promised season 2.

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  • Rhys Darby
  • James Marsters
  • Gabrielle Nevaeh
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