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moviePG-13March 9, 2024
A young woman's marriage to a charming prince turns into a fierce fight for survival when she's offered up as a sacrifice to a fire-breathing dragon.
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1h 48min
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The I've always loved fantasy and horror and I always wanted to try and write a story clashing the 2 genres. I feel like that's what was atempted here. The idea was good but the story I would've like to see wasn't quite delivered. My biggest complaint is the main character has Lora Croft, or Batman levels of plot armor. She survives several situations that should have left her dead or at least crippled, noy to mention the other convenient circumstances. The movie tries to be smart, and portray Elodie as whitty by the end but it mostly feels like the writing is cheap and lazy. It's a fun story and the beginning is done well and it has a likeable ending but the middle feels a bit lacking. They should've made the movie a bit longer and fleshed it out a bit more. I don't mind a slower movie as long as it delivers.

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Cast Overview
  • Millie Bobby Brown
  • Ray Winstone
  • Angela Bassett
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